The Team

Stephen Taylor

Steve Taylor


  • Software developer 20+ years in Government departments and private companies
  • Founded and sold various businesses
  • He brings to the Pulsar team a passion for space and aeronautics that is combined with years of experience in the challenges and realities of business and minimising risk
Georgiana Mannion

Georgiana Mannion


  • Not a droid, but a golden member of the Pulsar Team. George is the Chief Procurement, Product and Publicity Officer (C3PO).
  • Business Analyst, Change Manager , Vice-President IIBA Australia.
  • George has a strong history of Publicity across enterprise communications, online media platforms as well as speaking internationally on innovative business engagement
Michael Smart

Prof. Michael Smart

Advisory Board

  • 10 years as Research Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center (Scramjet Branch)
  • Technology architect of the SPARTAN small satellite launch system
  • Professor and Chair of Hypersonic Propulsion at UQ (since 2007)
  • BE, MEngSc (UQ); PhD Aeronautics & Astronautics (NYU)
  • Michael has a keen interest in Pulsar as it will be able to act as a booster rocket for the scramjet being developed by Hypersonix