How it Works

How it all fits together

Want to know how our upcoming rocket launch fits into the bigger picture of what we are achieving? The following articles explain 1) what we will be doing with the launch, 2) how it will help us to build our reusable fly-back rocket and 3) how the fly-back rocket is part of a scramjet powered orbital launch system that allows for reusability like never before. 

The Upcoming Launch

Black sky launch

Our upcoming test launch with Black Sky Aerospace will be a big step forward in developing our fully reusable rocket. This page explains what we will achieve with this launch and give you more details about what will happen.

The Fly-back Rocket We are Developing

Booster return configuration

Here we explain how our fly-back rocket works, why it will make such a difference in making space more accessible, and how you can benefit from what we are doing.

Scramjet Powered Satellite Launching


This is the bigger picture to show where we're heading with the SPARTAN system. Scramjets don't need to take their oxygen for their fuel with them. We explain why this is such an exciting game changer for getting to space sustainably and reliably.