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What we can do for you

Make space accessible

We are developing reusable spacecraft using flyback technology to reduce the cost of access to space. 

Make access to space sustainable

As we progress, we plan to use liquid hydrogen fuel and liquid oxygen in our engines. The emissions from this combustion is simply the combination of hydrogen and oxygen, namely water. The cost of infrastructure for handling this type of fuel is very high, so during our early phases we will use other fuels, until we are launching regularly.

Make access to space more affordable

The realm of space has long been the domain of governments and large companies. As the cost of access to space comes down, we want everyone to be able to participate in it, starting with making it affordable to own something that has been to space.

Why are we doing this?

The Overview Effect

We are thoroughly passionate about space ourselves, and we also love the possibilities it can open up for humanity as more of us are able to go there and experience it. While it may still be some time off before that becomes widely affordable, we are making it a central mission of our company to enable as many people as possible to experience the Overview Effect, and to continue to look for ways to make our connection with space more and more real. We are starting off right from our first test launch, by sending items to space and returning them to earth for you to be able to hold in your hand, something that has actually entered the realm of space. 

Sustainable Access to Space 

At the moment the volume of rocket launches worldwide is small enough that environmental issues are not as big as other forms of travel. However, this is the century where access to space will become commonplace. As it becomes more common, we will start to notice the environment impacts more obviously if it continues in its current form. The main threats are wastage and dumping of used rockets, as well as the toxicity and carbon footprint of rocket fuels. These can both be addressed, but the initial cost of developing alternatives is very expensive.

It is not inevitable then, that the space industry will become environmentally sustainable. The way to ensure that it will is to demonstrate that reusability and zero emission fuels are actually more viable financially than single use rockets and toxic fuels.

This can't just be a nice idea if it’s going to effect change. It needs to be demonstrated and shown to be just as competitive as current methods. This is our goal at Pulsar Aerospace. We are initially developing a minimum viable product that will make us commercially viable as soon as possible. From there, we can continue to fund our own progress.

We have a fairly small window of opportunity. The space industry is highly competitive and progressing at a very fast pace. The more it progresses, the use of polluting fuels could become more ingrained, and it will become more difficult for smaller companies with alternatives to establish themselves to demonstrate a better way.

Contacting Us

You can contact us by email hello@pulsaraerospace.com.au