Pulsar Aerospace

Giving you a little space

What we do

We're Making Access to Space Sustainable

We are removing the need to drop rockets into our oceans by building flyback capability into the first stage booster rocket. Eventually, using only liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen as our fuel, our emissions will be the combination of hydrogen and oxygen...water vapour.


Flyback capability of the rocket allows us to reuse it, rather than drop it in the ocean


Reusability enables a reliability model of airlines as components are built with a robustness for many uses


Spreading the cost of a rocket over many launches instead of a single use allows for a lower cost per launch

why we do it

It's Going to Get Even Busier Up There

This century, going to space will become almost commonplace. This is inevitable and it is vital to make sure this is done sustainably. Conveniently, achieving sustainability by making reusable rockets and using cleaner fuels, also dramatically reduces costs and improves reliability. Reducing the cost of space actually makes space junk removal more viable rather than increasing it.

Improve Our Life on Earth

So many Astronauts and Cosmonauts have been profoundly impacted by their experience of being in space. For many, it completely shifted their perspective on life, and that perspective continued even after they returned to life on earth. This effect was found to be so common that it was given a name, The Overview Effect.

We believe that to the extent that people can experience space, they too can improve the ease with which they deal with day to day life here on earth.  

You see how diminutive your life and concerns are compared to other things in the universe… The result is that you enjoy the life that is before you… It allows you to have inner peace.

Astronaut Edward Gibson, Skylab